The Psychological Effects of Meth
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Below is a list of the most common psychological and physiological effects of crystal meth.

  • Psychological effects of meth
    • The euphoria of crystal meth is similar to cocaine but more of a mental rush.
    • The effects of crystal meth last much longer than other drugs (6-8 hours on average). This extended duration of time makes a significant difference on the user.s psychological state, especially if they abuse the drug for days on end.
    • As mentioned above, users will abuse the crystal meth for a long period of time enabling them to enter into a run state with repeated use to maintain their high.
    • With continued and repeated use of crystal meth the user is able to stay awake for a few days, up to several weeks at a time. This takes a severe toll on their psychological stability.
    • Generally an user will keep using until they just can't get high anymore.
    • Eventually the crystal meth user has to crash (sleep) putting an end to their long run of staying up and using for days on end. Generally the longer the run, the longer the crash.
    • Users may occasionally experience chemically induced schizophrenia, and toxic psychosis.
  • Physiological effects of meth
    • Cracked lips (JIB sores), skin rashes or sores from scratching and itching.
    • "Speed bumps" where toxins begin to build up under your skin and form bumps.
    • Other symptoms: Hyper alertness, mental confusion, inability to focus on one task, cramping & muscle spasms.
    • Users Eyes: Constricted, or dilated pupils. Extremely rapid eye movements.
    • Prolonged use may occasionally cause blurred vision, dizziness, and loss of coordination.
    • Users may occasionally experience brain toxicity, kidney, liver and lung failure, heart disease.
    • Prolonged chronic use may in rare cases lead to death, generally due to a sudden "failure" of a vital organ, heart attack, or stroke (a rupture or an obstruction of an artery in the brain).
    • Users may occasionally experience permanent brain damage - even with minimal use.

The Psychological Effects of Meth
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