Prices of Meth
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Meth Prices


Ethnographic sources in Honolulu report that meth is the most problematic drug in that area. In Honolulu, there are more treatment admissions for meth use than alcohol abuse. The Honolulu ethnographer states that high-quality meth labs are found by police many times each week. "Clear" and "cloud" are the two types of meth found in the area, descriptive of differences in appearance of the product. "Clear" is considered to be more pure than "cloud." Prices are $40 per 1/10 gram on Oahu and $50-$100 for the same amount on the big island. Smoking is the most common method of administration.


Los Angeles ethnographic sources report that meth use has increased, and may be supplanting cocaine in popularity in that it is less expensive and has a longer-lasting high. Denver sources also state that meth use continues to increase in that area. In Austin, where meth availability is increasing and prices are dropping, it is reportedly popular in nightclubs. In Seattle, sources report that meth use is very popular, but use rates have reached a plateau. However, in 1997, meth-related fatalities increased in that area. Sources report both smoking and injection. Meth prices have declined in Seattle and sources note that a shift to meth use could be due to the drug becoming less expensive than cocaine. Experts estimate that one ounce of meth equals about 110 "hits" of meth.


Meth prices vary by area:


  • Denver $25 per one-quarter gram (injectors usually do not purchase less than one-quarter gram)
  • Minn./ St. Paul $100 per gram
  • St. Louis $37 to $100 per gram
  • San Diego $50 to $80 per gram (purity in 1997 was 20 to 40 percent)
  • Seattle $80 to $120 per gram (purity was 35 to 90 percent)
  • San Francisco $60 to $100 per gram

Prices of Meth
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