Meth Recovery and Rehabilitation from Meth Addiction
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When it comes to recovery and treatment, detox from meth is the first step. Meth detox takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Those in recovery often report physical cravings for up to a year, often intensifying at three month intervals. An user.s likelihood of relapse increases based on the length of time they have abused meth as well as the severity of their use. Users must also deal with a strong psychological addiction, triggered by common sights, conversations, and thoughts. Which if not kept under control can lead to quick relapse when accompanied by recurring physical cravings.Methamphetamine users are considered the hardest type of addicts to treat. Most do not suffer significant physical or psychological symptoms until they are firmly addicted, and then try to deny they have a problem for as long as they can, because they do not want to give up something that makes them feel "so good".

Meth Recovery and Rehabilitation from Meth Addiction
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