What is a Meth Run
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There are numerous stages to what is known as "meth run". These stages include the rush, the high, the binge, tweaking, the crash, feeling normal, and withdrawal. Below is a description of what each stage entails.

  • The Rush: The meth rush is the first stage of meth abuse. This takes place within the first 5-30 seconds after the user has taken meth. It is marked by an increase in body metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, intense feelings of euphoria and well being, pleasure, and confidence.
  • The High: The meth high is when the user feels aggressively smarter and may become confrontational. Often, meth users feel .superhuman. may begin numerous different tasks. They believe they are able to do things better .high. than when they are not using. These tasks may include cleaning and personal grooming.
  • The Binge: The binge is when the user needs to use again and continue using to maintain their high or to keep from coming down. Each new Rush diminishes in intensity until the user no longer gets high from using. During the final stages of a Binge the user becomes mentally and physically hyperactive to try to maintain the high as long as possible. They also become ever more delusional, paranoid, and sketched out and are prone to increasing bouts of violent behavior. A binge can last from a night to several weeks.
  • Tweaking: There are two different scenarios when it comes to a meth user tweaking. One involves the police and the other is from the user.s perspective.
    • Police Information Version: The user is in their most dangerous meth using state. It is at this point that they cannot get high anymore but haven.t quite crashed. Nothing they can do will take away the emptiness the binge has created. (The depletion of brain neurotransmitters.) Some tweakers will take depressants such as alcohol, GHB, or heroin to bring them down and help them crash. Tweakers experience feelings of uncontrolled frustration and may become violent. Tweakers tend to arm themselves and participate in crimes of opportunity.
    • User.s Perspective: Tweaking is a term used by meth users to describe their high. It describes the user.s fixation on whatever he or she may be doing in the duration of their high. Anything that gets the users attention (fixing, cleaning, shopping, sex, etc.) Everything becomes a project that cannot be left alone. Their attention becomes fixated on one thing and they become very intense about that item. A good example of a meth user who is tweaking would be and individual who started out fixing something simple on their computer. Hours later the whole computer has been taken apart in little pieces. They cannot pull their attention towards something else. They are "tweaking out".

  • The Crash: The crash is when the meth abuser will sleep from one to three days, giving their brain and body a chance to recover a bit. Meth addicts can quickly lose a lot of weight, and become very malnourished because of their addiction.
  • Feeling Normal: A meth abuser will generally feel somewhat normal when they wake up from their .crash. and often try to return to a pre-use lifestyle. The duration and degree of normal soon deteriorates into a continuous binge & crash cycle. As time goes by, the users begins to feel "normal" when they are using meth and are .high. and not normal when they are sober.
  • Withdrawal: Meth withdrawal has many physical and psychological symptoms. Often, meth addicts will become depressed and suicidal while they are going through meth withdrawal. They also suffer from severe physical exhaustion, intense hunger, heart palpitations, bruising, and muscle aches. Meth withdrawal can last up to several weeks. This is due to the damage the user.s body has been put through from malnutrition, dehydration, and sleep deprivation. It takes a chronic user about two weeks to start feeling energy and the ability to function normally after they have stopped using meth.

  • What is a Meth Run
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